G’day and welcome to the Bridgetown Star, your brand-new online community newspaper. We hope you enjoy it!

The paper is the brainchild of Bridgetown’s resident computer guru, Jarad Basterfield (the brains of the operation), and Mark Schneider (a mere journalist) who used to run the Nannup Times many years ago.

Why have we started it? Well we think Bridgetown deserves better media coverage than it’s getting from our print competitors and we’re confident we can provide it.

The Bridgetown Star will strive to tell you what’s going on in this great little community without fear or favour.

It will throw a mirror up to the Bridgetown community, comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, while throwing light into dark places when necessary.

We’ll bring you the news you want to read about Bridgetown and its local businesses, what’s happening in your schools and your shire, your artists and musicians, and how our sports teams are going.

Now without wanting to sound too grandiose, we want it to become a pillar of Bridgetown’s local democracy. But to do that it has to make some sort of a buck for us, and that has to be from advertising local businesses.

It’s pretty well the way independent journalism’s always worked and we still think it’s probably got legs, so to speak.

So here’s our plea: support us with your advertising dollars and we’ll do our best to support the community that supports you. In return we’ll strive to give you Bridgetown’s best value-for-money advertising.

We hope you enjoy this first edition of The Bridgetown Star as much as we’ve enjoyed producing it for you.

Mark Schneider