The Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes will eliminate its two-ward system for electing its nine councillors and move to a single ward with all councillors representing the whole of the shire.

The move follows the failure of a vote at the 29th of October council meeting moved by councillor Tony Pratico to revoke a previous decision at the September meeting that voted for the change.

The council’s decision removes the problem of maintaining the ratio of ward representatives to the number of electors as the population changes between the north ward and the south ward.

The current north ward’s population is growing faster than the south ward’s and the trend is expected to continue.

At present two councillors represent the north ward, which takes in Greenbushes, with seven representing the south ward.

Councillor Pratico was an apology for the September council meeting that voted on the move and argued that it would reduce representation for residents of Greenbushes and North Greenbushes.

However, shire president John Nicholas argued that the move was consistent with the review of the Local Government Act’s push to see singe wards in smaller shires.

He also said North Ward councillors were frequently elected unopposed and that a single ward for the whole of the Shire meant that all electors had a say in who got to represent them.

Councillor Pratico’s revocation motion was defeated.