“A minor crash involving a school bus on Lefroy road near the corner with Walter Road in the Highlands Estate has left one high school student with minor injuries and about 30 others, mainly primary students, shaken, but unharmed.

The accident happened at 8.30 this morning when the bus, which was travelling between 20 and 30km/h hit a drain verge, slid off the road, into a muddy bank and hit a tree.

Sergeant Phil Nation said the driver was not at fault.

Two windows at the back of the bus were smashed.

“We started sliding, and then bang, the window exploded and glass went everywhere, it was so loud,” said Katie Basterfield, a student on the bus.

One 14 year old High school boy was taken to Bridgetown Hospital with a minor shoulder injury.

The others, mainly primary students, were taken to school on a replacement bus.

Bridgetown Primary School Principle Ms Judtih Dadson said she was thankful that none of the school’s students were injured in the morning’s town bus incident. 

“By all accounts, our students did well in following instructions after the incident,” she said.

“Our deputy principal met our students when they arrived at school on a replacement bus and checked in with them to see how they were feeling. Our students were reminded to talk with their teacher if they had any concerns or felt unwell during the day.”

Pictures courtesy of WA Police