Cheaper, more reliable power that’s 100 per cent renewable will be up for discussion at Transition Bridgetown’s Power to the People Energy Forum on Sunday, August 16.

The discussion starts from 1.00pm at the Town Hall and features guest speaker Terry Redman, the Member for Warren Blackwood

Mr Redman is the deputy chair of the Western Australian Parliament’s report into microgrids.

Representatives from power companies Plico and Tersum Energy will also explain the changes necessary to transform our energy systems away from a grid system that was designed for fossil fuels, not renewable energy.

Both businesses specialise in renewable energy systems and technology.

The forum will examine whether it would be cheaper to source Bridgetown’s power from a variety of renewables, rather than relying on the fossil fuel-powered South West grid.

Bioenergy from farm, council and household waste, wind power and hydrogen production using excess solar energy in summer are all possibilities.

Tersum energy has the resources to do the feasibility studies and develop any of these options should we choose to go down that path.

Seating capacity is limited due to Pandemic restrictions, so you’ll need to register through or text: 0432 105 754.