Sculpting success: Lucy Best, Isabelle Kostera, Shanti Seppiyo and Tessa Boswell with some really outstanding artwork.

The coronavirus pandemic really threw Bridgetown High School’s staff a curved ball but they coped “extremely well” with it, according to principal Carol Throsby.

Getting the school up to speed for teaching students from home required a lot of extra preparation of online resources and hard copy packages with very little time to do it.

While the school’s online platform “Connect” was already up and running, it required a lot of extra preparation to get the necessary resources onto it.

Approximately 60 per cent of the students accessed that, while the rest used hard copy packages.

“I’d really like to commend our staff who embraced that and sprang into action … I think we ticked the box there really admirably,” Mrs Throsby said.

By the 18th of May students were required to be back at school unless they had a good medical reason with the school given additional resources to follow up the few students who couldn’t attend.

“The support of parents at this time has been wonderful, because for a lot of parents it was a difficult situation to manage having to teach three or four children at home,” Mrs Throsby said.

 “Parents were very appreciative and supportive of the work the school was doing to make sure the kids had work to go on with.”

She also thanked parents for keeping kids who were unwell or had the sniffles at home, because the school had to be mindful of the students and staff as well.

Learning experience

While the pandemic was awful, it was nevertheless a big, valuable learning experience all-round, with staff learning a lot about their capabilities and the kids learning a lot about themselves, according to Mrs Throsby.

Things are now getting back to normal, with excursions back on, though unfortunately the school has cancelled Country Week due to the uncertainty surrounding it and concerns that parents would not be able to afford it.

However, the good news is that alternative social events are being planned for the kids.

One new initiative that will be appreciated by students and parents alike is the once-a-week lunches being prepared by Clovers store, including the option of hot food.

School council

The school is now seeking nominations for membership of the school council. The board meets twice each term and endorses the school’s finances and programs. Any community member, not just parents, can apply.

“It’s a really good way of being involved with the school in our community and having a real say in how things go,” Mrs Throsby said.