Beautiful but bad news, Arum Lilly is just one of the weeds on the agenda of Blackwood Biosecurity’s Weed ID and Advice workshop.

Weeds are a blight on Australia’s natural environment and agricultural production, costing our farmers around $1.5 billion each year to control and another $2.5 billion in lost production.

They upset the balance and diversity of natural communities, competing with native vegetation for space, sunlight and nutrients.

Controlling them is vital and biosecurity groups across Western Australia are playing a vital role here by running workshops across the South West.

Blackwood Biosecurity is doing its part with a weed ID and advice workshop at the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes Main Hall on Saturday 19th of September from 9.00am – 1.00pm. A light lunch will be provided.

You’ll need to register by emailing or by phoning 0418 509 314.

Participants will hear from weed experts, Greg Keighery and Andrew Mitchell, about best practices for controlling weeds, how to identify them and how Blackwood Biosecurity can help you get rid of them. 

You’re encouraged to bring along any samples so they can be identified, and you won’t be going home empty handed.

You’ll get a free copy of the updated third edition of Southern Weeds and Their Control to keep in your glovebox.

This handy guide will help you identify common weeds and ways to control them with common cultural, biological and herbicidal control methods so you can keep up the fight against the alien invaders.

Photo: Amrothman from Pixabay