Monique Mulligan is just one of the talented authors featured at this year’s Words in the Valley Readers and Writer’s Festival.

Aspiring wordsmiths and avid readers are in for a treat at this year’s Words in the Valley Readers and Writers Festival which runs from the 23rd to the 26th of January.

With a host of published authors and professional writers, including Donna Mazza, Monique Mulligan, Steve Heron and Bridgetown’s own Mary Elgar, this year’s festival theme is Australiana with a particular focus on the Southwest of WA.

It’s a celebration of literature that was postponed due to Covid but is now going ahead with a total of nine workshops covering poetry, speculative fiction, kids’ books, crafting short stories and more.

Exploring the Australiana theme, writer and academic Donna Mazza’s workshop on Australian Gothic will look at literary characters pitted against nature, where the connection with landscape is frequently a threat.

Her second workshop on Speculative Fiction will take a look at a rising genre in Australian fiction, where the landscape forms the background for great story telling.

Lovers of poetry are in for a treat because bush poet Bill Gordon’s workshop promises to teach techniques to create your own bush poetry.

Eat My Words is the tempting title for Monique Mulligan’s workshop at the Freemason’s Hotel. Food writing is on the menu with a long table dinner included where participants get to share Monique’s creativity in a sensory way.

Monique will also run an editing workshop, Breaking Up With Your Book, giving valuable tips for aspiring writers on how to guide their work from its initial inspiration through to publishing.

Mary Elgar’s workshop on writing history will really examine the nuts and bolts of creating a historical narrative to entertain and inform your readers.

Those are just some of the workshops in a weekend packed with information and entertainment for writers and readers alike. Further details and tickets for the festival are available at the Visitor’s Centre