Cody Ward gets some air down at the skate park.

Skateboards, bikes and scooters will be flying high just as soon as funding becomes available for the upgrade to the town’s youth precinct.

The project has already been approved by the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes with plans in place, so it’s poised and ready to go, according to Shire president John Nicholas.

The existing skatepark is now about 15 years old and while it’s still in good condition it’s a little outdated.

The shire consulted extensively with local students over 3-4 years who came out with an ambitious and rather expensive wish list that had to be pared back to a more affordable project.

Nevertheless, the new precinct will include a big bowl that will make for some high-flying excitement, a basketball half-court, a parkour area and a pump track for fit, young bike enthusiasts.

“If we’d had unlimited funding the pump track would have been substantially bigger than it’s going to be, but it will still be very, very good,” Mr Nicholas said.

The existing toilets will be replaced and Wi-fi will be installed so that Bridgetown’s young people can instantly upload all that action for all the world to see.

The project’s design consultants, Skate Sculpture, are a West Australian business specialising in designing and building skate facilities. The cost of the project will be about half-a-million dollars and is part of the Shire’s strategic development plan.

The Shire hopes to fund it within the next 12 months.