If you’re the sort of sports fan that reckons too much cricket’s barely enough, then a new website that’s just been launched could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Wickets & Pickets is a brand-new site for cricket fans that’s edited by Sunshine Coast journalist and self-confessed sports tragic, Phil Dillon.

It’s a site that’s definitely for the hard-core cricket nut, celebrating the history and culture of the game while keeping you up to date with cricket news around the world as well.

I worked with Phil many years ago when we were both sub editors down at the Albany Advertiser. He’s a top bloke and a good writer with a lively and engaging style.

It’s very early days for Wickets & Pickets, but it’s already got some runs on the board and looks like it’s settling in for a good solid innings.

Which is more than can be said for the site’s editor. He loves the game, does Phil, but if memory serves me correctly, his own record standing there with a piece of willow in his hand on Albany’s wind-blasted pitches was less than stellar. Well, what do you expect from a pommy batsman?

Happily his journalism is much, much better than his batting. Phil’s even managed to dig up some cricket news at a time when there’s next to nothing happening in the cricketing world as a result of COVID-19. That’s no mean feat.

If cricket’s your game then do yourself a favour by checking out Wickets & Pickets.